XXIO® (pronounced Sek-si-oh) was born in 2000 and thus XXI refers to the 21st century. In Japan, X symbolises the future. As for the O, it has several interests. One of them is to connect easily with the XXI. But further, in Japanese culture, the “Oh” is often synonymous with supreme power and respect. Finally, it is the first letter in “Onward” and in the logic of driving technology to the heart of its philosophy, XXIO® has found its positioning: that of a brand that is ahead of its time. Advanced technology has a cost and of course XXIO is one of the most prestigious brands in the world. Since its inception in 2000, XXIO has become the top-selling golf club brand in Japan with the No.1 market share for 19 straight years in terms of value and unit*. The Japanese market is one of the most demanding and competitive in the world (2nd largest golf market in the world): golf is the number two sport there, with 7.8 million players, more than 2,200 golf courses and 3,000 driving ranges (as of 2018 the highest selling iron brand in France in 2018**). 2020 brings a new XXIO product Range with a fresh designed logo.

*source Yano research institute Ltd Survey

**source Golf Datatech Ltd


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