The NEW 24 K Gold plated XXIO Prime Driver represents the next generation of lightweight driver head design. This advanced  811 titanium with stainless steel ports driver is light, fast and very stable. Adding the forged wing cup face results in unmatched ball speed around the entire face and with its draw biased internal weighting it promotes a right to left ball flight.

The ultra light SP900 shaft with only 36g of weight is the ultimate in light weight shaft design. This will enhance the swing of its user and will result in more speed and distance. The generous usage of  the most advanced available technologies make it our most precise piece of equipment ever.

Lighter Weight Design With 46-Inch Shaft

Longer, lighter shaft with lighter grip create more head speed while maintaining ease of swing for increased distance.

More Powerful Draw Bias

By making the tip section of the shaft more flexible, the head can be more easily squared at impact to promote a powerful draw bias and penetrating trajectory

Head Designed for Increased Forgiveness

The new Wing Cup Face and Sole Channel Structure widen the sweet spot area for an easier, more forgiving launch.

Higher, More Stable Launch

The new lightweight crown allows surplus weight to be efficiently repositioned for a lower, deeper center of gravity.

Embargo Date:

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  • New XXIO Prime Driver

    Embargo is 07/11/2016
    Product at retail 14/12/2016

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Wing Cup Face Design

  • Driver (Men)
  • Lie
  • Headsize
  • Headweight
  • Length
  • Clubweight
  • Flex
  • Shaft weight
  • 10,5°
  • 58°
  • 460 ccm
  • 187g
  • 46″
  • 252g R
  • SR ,R
  • 38g SR; 36g R; 36g R2
  • 11,5°
  • 58°
  • 460 ccm
  • 187g
  • 46″
  • 252g R
  • R, R2
  • 38g SR; 36g R; 36g R2
  • Left-hand not available