Engineered for golfers who demand maximum performance. The Srixon Z-Star golf balls deliver unmatched technology with incredible feel so golfers can elevate all aspects of their game to score better. A new core design increases distance off the tee while a new SpinSkin enhances greenside spin for even more control.


    • NEW FASTLAYER CORE: The FastLayer Core starts soft in the center and gradually becomes firm around its edge, giving high-speed players exceptional feel and enhanced ball speed for maximum distance.
    • 4THGENERATION SPIN SKIN WITH SeRM: A new coating with flexible molecular bonds digs deep into wedge and iron grooves, maximizing spin for more control and more stopping power.
    • 338 SPEED DIMPLE PATTERN: The 338 Speed Dimple Pattern offers less drag and more lift to boost overall distance, while flying straight even in the toughest wind conditions.



A softer urethane cover and Spin Skin with SeRM significantly increase green side spin for more short game control

A smaller inner core and larger outer core increase ball speed for more distance off the driver

Lower overall compression improves feel on all shots, especially with driver and irons


Slightly increased compression and a harder mantle layer increase ball speed and reduce spin for more distance

Spin Skin with SeRM increases green side spin and maintains soft feel on short game shots

Embargo Date:

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  • NEW Z-Star 6 and Z-Star XV 6

    Embargo is 21/01/2019
    Product at retail 01/03/2019

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