Swing Easy and Strike it Pure

The brand flagship and epitome of our design philosophy, XXIO 12 Woods and Irons are remarkably lightweight and easy-to-use clubs offering a specialized suite of technologies that amplify performance for the moderate swing speed golfer. Exceptional look, sound, and feel, combined with unmatched attention to detail, make XXIO 12 an ultra-premium solution for enhanced distance, improved control, and altogether better golf.
For XXIO, no level of detail is too minute, and no design expense is too high. Like individually engineered grips and shafts for the Irons, Hybrids, Fairways and Drivers that fine-tune your performance from club to club. Or Driver and Irons faces made from exotic Titanium alloys, typically reserved only for the most extreme applications.
XXIO 12 is in a class all its own. Experience it and realize your ultimate on-course potential.

Key Technologies:

ActivWing stabilizes the clubhead by altering aerodynamic forces at work in the first half of the downswing. The airfoil generates lift, guiding the club to its optimal impact angle for maximum speed and distance.

Rebound Frame
On the woods, four alternating layers of stiff and flexible zones enhance overall COR, like a spring within a spring. And for the first time, XXIO Drivers feature Rebound Frame with a Cup Face for even more power on strikes across the face. On the Irons, a thinner face allows the entire face to flex more extensively while grooves etched deep into the interior of the Iron body further enhance flex, especially for shots struck low.

Flat Cup Face
To improve COR across the entire Cup Face, the face center is larger and thinner. It increases ball speed and distance no matter where you strike the ball. The Driver face is made from exotic Super-TIX®-51AF Titanium to allow for a thinner design with enhanced ball speed. High Strength HT1770M Steel accomplishes the same on the Fairway Woods and Hybrids.

  • XXIO 12 Driver

    Embargo is 04/02/2022
    Product at retail 04/03/2022

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Light Weight Crown
Freeing up weight with a thinner and lighter crown meant we could reposition mass and lower the Center of Gravity, increasing MOI for more forgiveness.

Weight Plus Technology
Our proprietary design positions mass under your grip, behind your hands. This helps you find the ideal spot at the top of your swing and makes the downswing more consistent.

Dual Speed Technology
A heavier clubhead and an extremely lightweight shaft work together to increase ball speed and swing speed at the same time, creating a multiplier effect that greatly increases your carry numbers.

Cannon Sole
A floating weight pad optimizes launch while also allowing space for improved face flex, especially helpful for shots struck low on the face.

Step Crown
A stepped crown shape promotes face flex while lowering the Centerof Gravity.

Bespoke Shafts
TORAYCA® T1100G carbon fiber with an advanced NANOALLOY® resin matrix results in extremely thin and lightweight graphite shafts with a cutting-edge combination of strength and flexibility. N.S. Pro 950GH Neo DST steel Iron shafts combine the popular Neo shaft template with our own DST design, shifting the Center of Gravity closer to the grip for effortless swing feel.

  • #3 – 15°
  • Lie
  • Head Weight
  • Headsize
  • Length
  • SW
  • Club Weight
  • Flex
  • Hand
  • #3 – 15°
  • 58°
  • 207g
  • 185 cc
  • 43,25
  • D1
  • 285 g
  • S, SR, R, R2
  • RH & LH
  • #4 – 16,5°
  • 58,5°
  • 212g
  • 174 cc
  • 42,75
  • D1
  • 289 g
  • S, SR, R
  • RH
  • #5 – 18°
  • 59°
  • 217g
  • 162 cc
  • 42,25
  • D1
  • 294 g
  • S, R, R2
  • RH & LH
  • #7 – 20°
  • 59,5°
  • 221g
  • 147 cc
  • 41,75
  • D1
  • 298 g
  • R & R2
  • RH & LH
  • #9 – 23°
  • 60°
  • 226g
  • 136 cc
  • 41,25
  • D1
  • 302 g
  • R
  • RH