At XXIO, our fundamental philosophy is to contribute to create enriched society thru offering high-quality, intriguing products and services to sport lovers around the globe that realizes “passion”, “joy” and “fun”.

In conducting business, we strive not only in pursuing honesty and integrity but also constantly taking action by considering the end users. We aim to continue functioning as a company that maintains the “trust” of all our stakeholders, such as society, consumers, shareholders, employees, etc.

Harnessing the power of supercomputers, we have developed technology that allows us to pause and analyze every detail of the most critical moment in the game: the instant of contact between the ball and the golf club. We call this high-tech digital simulation technology Digital Impact™. With this technology, we are able not only to stop and analyze swing motion at the moment of impact; we can also enlarge and manipulate the image in order to study the most minute phenomena and details, examining internal elements of the equipment and develop products that deliver the best in performance and quality. By inputting the vast amounts of data we have accumulated over time into our program, we are able to use Digital Impact to create a truly faithful simulation. We apply this technology in research and development to test various design hypotheses, opening the way to further progress toward even higher-quality products.