Srixon® is a young brand created in 2001 by the Sumitomo Rubber Industries group, a company that has been manufacturing golf and tennis balls since 1930 under the Dunlop®, Maxfli® and Tour Special® brands, and golf clubs since 1964. It is the company that has filed the most patents in the golf industry. The balata®, the 1st balls with metallic components, the 1st 3-piece ball in the world to use a urethane mid-layer, the HI-Core driver faces (now banned) are all markers of its innovative capacity. Drawing from this history, Srixon® is becoming a global brand. Its name reflects its philosophy. Indeed, Srixon is made up as follows: SRI for “S”umitomo “R”ubber “I”ndustries, “X” is the symbol of the future in Japan and “ON” for Onward. Srixon® is therefore resolutely turned towards the future and high technologies, the only true belief that will lead to performance.

Srixon® is currently No. 1 in ball sales in South Africa and No. 1 in 2-piece ball sales in the UK, France, Spain, Australia and New Zealand.


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